HVAC Technician (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) - Asheville NC

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About Talenteed

Experience handling all HVAC systems including chillers, boilers, split systems, semi hermetic compressors, etc. 

Strong communication skills.

Candidates must possess their own tool kit. Cellphones, vehicles and travel costs are covered by the company. 

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Job description

  • Installs, inspects, operates and repairs heating, ventilating and air conditioning units and machinery to determine that all functioning properly.
  • Programs system in conjunction with installed equipment.
  • Maintains, databases, protocol translators, and operating systems of EMS servers, routers and controllers.
  • Maintains and repairs HVAC systems
  • Tests efficiency and air quality of system with instruments and makes adjustments.
  • Lubricates equipment’s such as compressors, motors and other moving parts.
  • Tests large systems before placing them in operation. Repairs leaks and retests. Operates system for several hours, making adjustments to thermostats and valves to insure proper control.
  • Supervises contractors for design/build construction projects.
  • Coordinates with utilities for incentives for high efficiency HVAC equipment, and control strategies.
  • Maintains and supervises contractors for maintenance of kitchen equipment.
  • Maintains certification for, and execution of, cooling tower treatment program.


responsible for the diagnosis, repair, validation and commissioning of existing installed base of commercial HVAC systems utilizing knowledge of OEM’s, airflow, hydronics, refrigeration theory and applied control strategies and electronics.

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