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Toulouse CDI

About Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital est une start-up fondée à San Francisco en 2017 permettant pour la première fois d'opérer des satellites en leasing.

Loft Orbital se spécialise sur la mise en orbite de charges utiles et instruments de plusieurs clients (antennes, caméras, démonstrateurs technologiques) en leasing à bord de microsatellites (100kg, la taille d'une machine à laver) standardisés. Développant des technologies d'interfaces à bord et des applications web au sol spécialisées, Loft Orbital est le premier acteur mariant le monde de la tech et du spatial pour proposer un accès en orbite en mode leasing.

La filiale française de Loft Orbital se concentre sur le développement d'interface web pour contrôler et piloter nos satellites et permettre à nos multiples clients de le faire.

Job description

As a member of the new R&D center in Toulouse you will be in charge of developing several web applications around a centralized datalake that aggregates data from design, assembly, test and in-orbit operations.

This will serve as a foundation for developing a large range of applications to smooth and optimize the

different phases of satellite engineering.

In addition to your role as a lead developer of this system, you will help recruit and manage a small team of developers to work on this product.



• Advanced experience with the Django Framework

• Advanced experience with Hadoop (HDFS, Spark, Flume, Hbase)

• Deep understanding of the REST and GraphQL paradigms

• Experience using WebSocket


• Advanced experience with Vue.js / Vuex or React / Redux

• Familiarity with the SASS or LESS preprocessors

• Thorough knowledge of build systems (Webpack)

General skills

• Advanced Python 3 skills (sync/async paradigms, testing, packaging, …)

• Advanced JavaScript, CSS and HTML skills

• Networking skills (TCP/UDP, IP, proxy, VPN, …)

• Database setup and management skills (PostgreSQL, Redis, …)

• Experience with unit and integration testing

• Version control (git) and continuous integration tools (GitLab CI, Jenkins, Travis CI, …)

• Experience building services that leverage cloud-based infrastructure (GCP, AWS, …)

• Comfortable with Docker containers

• Deep understanding of the Linux concepts

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