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À propos de Pictarine

Last year, we printed 35 million photos in the US alone. We are a team of 16 loving to

craft awesome experiences. We are based in our awesome office in Labège, and we
are super excited to welcome the next team mate.
You will make decisions that affect the trajectory of the company while working for one
of the hottest startups in the mobile US industry!

Description du poste

Create delightful web apps

Develop new products and features, improve existing ones

Contribute in the product process
Thinking through UX, designing beautify UI, and working with customers to solve their

Champion the company
Code quality, new technologies, and architectural design within the company

Technologies we use
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, Vuex, Python, Flask, Google Cloud

Description du profil


You have 4+ years of professional front-end web development experience

You combine high development skills, software architecture and UX thinking

Product focused
You take pride in building elegant and beautiful products

Problem solver
You excel at understanding and solving complex problems. You have astonishing
attention to detail

Quality communicator
You can confidently break down tricky topics in writing and in person

Surprisingly efficient
You get a lot done quickly, and can translate your skills into new processes that your
team will follow

Most of all
You have a strong taste for beer, champagne and prime ribs

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