CONTRACT - Product Admin Specialist

Melville  - CDD (6 Months)

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  1. Ability to speak in Japanese.
  2. Experience in working with Consumable Procurement.
  3. Experience in working with Inventory control.
  4. Experience in handling Export Shipment.
  5. Experience in creating and maintaining price sheet / program sheet / maintaining quarterly reports.

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Job description

Product Administration department handles from budget control, consumable procurement, sales program administration, price sheet maintenance, and shipment.

This position is to manage consumable procurement, inventory control, handling export shipment to Americas affiliate companies, and price sheet maintenance for all LFP sales channels. This position is also responsible to manage and update all demo, showroom units in the field. Plan and execute LFP consumable procurement

Maintain proper inventory level. Create and maintain price sheet for all channel.

Create reseller program sheet and maintain quarterly. Receive order from affiliate companies and manage shipment of LFP consumables. Manage trial, expense shipment products. And some project assignment like HW & Consumable sales analysis and strategic sales channel development, sales promotion analysis.


Possesses specialized knowledge or skills in a particular functional area. A developing professional, working towards full proficiency in the job role.

Receives general instruction for manager on expected work outcomes and exercises good judgement in day-to-day matters.

Typically reports to a Manager or Senior Manager but may report to a senior professional individual contributor when business needs dictate.

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