Native English speaker C/C++ developer (M/F)

Toulouse  - CDI

À propos de Zébrys

Zébrys is a startup which designs the software R++, the Next Step.  

R++, the Next Step is a new Graphical User Interface for R. It comes from 3 years of research with different teams specialized in HMI. The first video presentation is available here (comments are in French, but the video is understandable even without sound).  

Zébrys is a startup with strong growth potential: prize winner for the French Tech Grant, Innov&Plus Loan, Réseau Entreprendre, Créalia... It is intensively hiring.



The advantages: 

  • Quality work environment (dual-screen, big desk).
  • Custom equipment (PC, OS).
  • Flextime (possibility of part-time telecommuting).
  • Convivial atmosphere (foosball table, popcorn poper, cotton candy maker...).
  • Young and dynamic team (age: m=27,8 ; sd=4,7).

Description du poste


Development: Within the team you will take an active part in developing the various facets of R++, the Next Step. After three years of R-D and user meetings, part of the Human-Computeur Interface (HCI) is defined. It is to be implemented into the software. Therefore, your prime mission will be to contribute to the HCI integration.  

Translations: First you will be in charge of translating R++, the Next Step into English.  

Research: In order to be at the cutting edge of innovation, Zébrys collaborates with three university research team. You may write articles displaying the work results.  

Others: In addition, depending on your own preferences, you can take part in various tasks about the startup: blog, create templates, meet potential customers, website...


Evolutions: Zébrys is a startup, everything is to build and everything is possible! Depending on your wishes and abilities, you may move on to new duties: remain in the HCI team, join the "compilation & high performance" team, or even evolve towards commercial activities and give demonstrations of the software you made yourself.

Contract elements 

  • Company: Zébrys (Startup).
  • Contract: permanent full time contract.
  • Location: Toulouse, France (here)

Description du profil

  • PhD in computer science.
  • Native English speaker.
  • This can be your first job.
  • Mastery of C/C++.
  • Knowledge of Qt is a plus.
  • Expertise in one of the following fields is a plus: software engineering, machine architecture, artificial intelligence, deep learning, HCI, compilation, IT systems and networks, languages theory.

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