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À propos de HawAI.Tech is an innovative startup specialized in the design and commercialization of hardware and software for probabilistic artificial intelligence. It consists today of 10 employees, mainly in the region of Grenoble (France), and also in Paris (France) and Liège (Belgium). is looking to structure its growth to match its ambition of becoming a major player of explainable AI, specialized in software design and hardware accelerators dedicated to probabilistic models.

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Join our advisory board !

At, the advisory board is made of trusted individuals who share their knowledge and skills to help us keep a bird-eye view and strategically steer our project.

Joining our advisory board means :

• Putting your skills at the service of the company to help us build the best strategy

• Sharing with us the dream of seeing an ambitious technological project become reality

• Interacting regularly with the company's founders and the rest of the board to maximize the company's impact

• Assume loud and clear that you are part of our entrepreneurial adventure to give it weight and credibility

Profil recherché

We are looking for diversified and complementary profiles, to challenge the founders on all the aspects of our company. In particular, we would love to be able to count on informed and valuable advice on:

Industrializing semiconductor production: To identify potential missing skillsets or supply threats and to refine the capital intensity related to production.

Our target market sectors: specific knowledge on one of our targeted market sectors: industry 4.0, automotive, aeronautics and defense. To provide feedback on our strategy to address the adoption cycle and the certification processes.

Startup entrepreneurship: It would be a plus if you know the strategic, financial and business development challenges.

Technical aspects: It would be a plus if you have the technical skills to advise some of our technological choices.

Collaboration terms:

Availability: 2h/quarter on face-to-face (or remote) meetings

Financials: Possible hourly compensation

Confidentiality: We want to be able to share every pertinent information to lead to the best possible advice. Know-how being among our greatest assets, we want to avoid any disclosure of important confidential information.

Deontology: We want this collaboration to be based on a working relationship free of any conflict of interest that could influence the independent, impartial and objective exercise of the advisory function.

Contact: If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact Raphael Frisch (CEO) :

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