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TEHTRIS is a leading European provider of cybersecurity software solutions with products present in more than 60 countries worldwide, used to fight effectively against digital espionage and sabotage: massive or targeted data theft, ransomware, etc.

Today, we are growing rapidly and our challenge is to offer an increasingly efficient and innovative cybersecurity platform at an international level. To achieve this mission, we are creating many jobs to strengthen all arount the world.

What if you joined TEHTRIS to contribute to cyber peace in the world?

Job description

Reporting to the German team, you will actively contribute to the growth of TEHTRIS and develop the business in your territory.

As an SDR (Sales Development Representative), you have a crucial role. You are responsible for booking Qualified Meetings. A Qualified Meeting is a meeting set up by the SDR for his Sales counterpart with a profile contact who demonstrates an interest to learn more about TEHTRIS solution.

You’ll work on both outbound and inbound leads. Outbound is generated by your social selling activity and your email & cold calling outreach effort, while inbound is coming directly from Marketing, from brand awareness to acquisition campaigns.

You’ll be the voice our prospects will be hearing when they get in touch with TEHTRIS for the first time. This is an ambassador’s job.

You will update our databases of prospects, clients and partners to enable efficient and optimal follow-up of files within your scope.

In addition to these tasks, you will also participate in defining the business strategy and analysing the market in your segment in conjunction with the rest of the team.

As a member of our Business team, you will be a key element in the development of the German office. You will have many exchanges with the different members of our team, all in a friendly and dynamic environment, because throughout our expansion, we have kept our start-up spirit.


We are looking for a real hunter who is able to show perseverance, resilience and create trust. You will be able to understand the needs of our clients, identify their needs, and be able to work with them.

You are fluent in German and English, ideally bilingual (FR/ALL)

You have a strong learning ability to quickly understand all TEHTRIS solutions. You have excellent interpersonal skills, are pro-active, rigorous and results-oriented, and are keen to contribute to the TEHTRIS adventure as part of a team!

You want to work in an innovative company, with a VIE contract. If this first collaboration is successful, you will be able to evolve within the business team and will benefit from dedicated support in your professional development throughout your career within TEHTRIS.

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