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À propos de Code Quantum

S. Whitlock and G; Pupillo from ISIS lab in Strasbourg have more than 30 years combined experience developing key conceptual and technological components on Quantum Computing. To benefit from this strong expertise, Conectus is financing a maturation program in order to develop the first products and establish a company. The start-up will develop enabling conceptual and technological components for quantum computers and other emerging quantum technologies. It will benefit from the exceptional research environment at the University of Strasbourg, including the existing Strasbourg quantum simulator and a new public infrastructure for quantum computing as part of the “Programme et Equipements Prioritaire de Recherche Quantique” (PEPR) within the national quantum strategy.

Le poste

1.      Build a business model and a business plan.

2.      Contact client to design products and build partnership.

3.      Search for financing: public call, partnership, fundraising…

4.      Build the team and create the company.

Profil recherché

Technical background in classical software, electronic or quantum computing/physic is mandatory.

Recognized experience in business development is required: business models/plan construction.

Good English and French is required.

International experience would be a plus.

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