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À propos de Oktoscience

Value proposition 

Oktoscience aims to create the first smart implantable medical device capable of restoring neural function in patients through self-adaptive and personalized therapy. Our first application will be the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy (~ 17 million patients) by vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) (~ $1 Billion by 2027).   


The technology 

To improve patient care and quality of life, our solution solves the difficulties faced by physicians and patients in the setting up of VNS therapies and adapts the treatment (stimulation) to the physio-pathological evolution of patients. 

Our innovations, which are based on more than 20 years of research by the SEPIA team at LTSI (INSERM research lab), focus on personalizing therapy by offering two disruptive technologies protected by 7 patent families: auto-titration and closed-loop neuromodulation.  


The team 

The team is currently composed of :  


# Charlotte DOUARD (CEO/COO), Business Developer at Ouest Valorisation (TTO). Charlotte has more than 10 years of experience in the management of healthcare projects and intellectual property. Since 2021, she has been working as a MedTech Business Developer, in charge of relations and negotiations of technology transfer contracts (licenses, co-ownership) with industrial partners and start-ups, as well as technology brokerage activities. Passionate about innovative projects and entrepreneurship, Charlotte has completed two entrepreneurship programmes, including Deeptech Founders, with the Oktoscience project team, whose entrepreneurial ambition she is carrying out with Alfredo Hernandez. 


# Alfredo HERNANDEZ (CSO, INSERM), Research Director at INSERM and head of the INSERM SEPIA team. Alfredo has more than 20 years of experience in translational research ("from the laboratory to the patient's bed") in data processing, modelling and explainable machine learning, in the field of medical devices. He has been responsible for more than 20 R&D projects with university hospitals and/or MedTech industries, is author of more than 200 publications and inventor of more than 20 patent families, member of the board of directors of major scientific societies and associate editor in indexed journals in his field. He also acts as a scientific advisor on the advisory board of numerous start-ups. 


# An "ADVISORY BOARD" is in the process of being constituted: we already expect the participation of a medical director of a major AIMD industrial group and of two hospital practitioners, KoLs, involved in advanced research projects on AIMDs. 


SU project  

After having cleared a large number of technological barriers thanks to a national and European investment maturation program, we are now working on the structuring of the future start-up and are beginning to meet with investors to finance about €4 million in R&D in order to finalize the preclinical phase and produce the first implantable version of the device in humans.

Le poste

Job description 

You will hold a central role in the definition of the technological strategy of a Deeptech start-up aiming to bring a CE marked/ FDA approved medical device to the market. You will be responsible for the technological roadmap that you will build in collaboration with the CSO and the CEO in order to ensure the link with the intellectual property and development strategy of the start-up. 


After assimilating the developments already carried out (working integrated prototype with associated HW, FW and SW, specifications, tests), you will specify the characteristics/design freeze of the MVP in compliance with the constraints (FtO) and opportunities (patents of the start-up). You will translate it into a product development plan in strict compliance with time and budget constraints, in accordance with regulatory and quality requirements. 


In interaction with the CEO, you will participate in the consolidation of the business plan and the fundraising strategy as well as in the presentation of the technological strategy to the different types of investors (institutional, private). You will be responsible for translating the needs and expectations of the market, clinicians, patients and investors into realistic technical solutions. 


Based on the resources obtained, you will operationalize the development plan by building your team and identifying strategic partners/suppliers and will manage and monitor their work. 


This position will require numerous interactions with diverse expertise (marketing, quality, pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory, etc.) on a variety of strategic subjects. The success of this start-up will depend directly on your actions and will rely on your organizational, relational and teamwork skills. 

Profil recherché

Your profile 

  • Engineering background with a specialization in electronics, evaluation and quality. 
  • Experience in managing the development of advanced embedded systems (electronics, firmware and software). 
  • Experience in the medical device field. 


Your skills  

  • Experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of electronic systems (routing, PCB production, validation). 
  • Advanced knowledge in project management with high technological value (Agile, Quality Assurance). 
  • Good communication skills with all types of interlocutors (researchers, doctors, investors, ...). 
  • Management and development of connected device applications (embedded, mobile, desktop). 
  • Knowledge of embedded signal processing.  
  • Experience in the use of electronic (Altium Designer) and mechanical (Autodesk) CAD. 
  • Knowledge of electronic device certification standards (EMC, FCC, CE) would be desirable. 
  • Advanced use of languages/environments: objective C, C++, Java, Pyhton, script, Linux. 


Financial remuneration 

This offer is a non-salaried position and your remuneration will depend on fundraising. The time spent on the project will be valued in the form of shares in the capital. As a partner and co-founder, you will have the opportunity to invest personal money in the company. 


Operational organization 

The start-up has not yet been legally incorporated, but we expect to do so within the next 7 months. 

The team is located in Rennes, France, with access to the research lab. Remote working may be partly possible. The time dedicated to the project can evolve with the objective of being completely allocated to it in the long term. 

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