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TEHTRIS is a French company specialized in cybersecurity since 2010. Thanks to our international reach, the technologies we develop protect private and public companies around the world.

Today, we are growing very fast and our challenge is to offer an increasingly efficient and innovative cybersecurity platform at the international level.
To achieve this mission, we are creating many new jobs to strengthen our teams in France and all around the world.

What if you joined us to contribute to cyber peace in the world?

Job description

With your knowledge of the fascinating field of cybersecurity, and your technical mastery of IT in general, you will participate in the cyber protection of our clients' infrastructures worldwide.

Alongside our cybersecurity experts, you will be a client's point of contact and will support them from start to finish. You will be responsible for the daily collection, reading and interpretation of traces to search for malicious indicators using our TEHTRIS XDR Platform.
In addition, you will provide technical support to your client, from the integration of the tool to the issuing of alerts.

And because the TEHTRIS SOC is not just another SOC, you will also be able to contribute to other operational missions such as participating in crisis management with our expert consultants, digital autopsies in the event of doubts or incidents, writing correlation rules, etc.

In order to always be one step ahead of cybercriminals, you will contribute to studies and management of vulnerabilities that could be used by attackers or malware.

You will also be actively monitoring technology and will be able to benefit from internal training sessions.

You will know that your missions have been brilliantly accomplished when, thanks to our TEHTRIS XDR Platform, the techniques of digital spies will no longer hold any secrets for you and you will track down and flush out any cyber attackers and backdoors that might be hiding at our clients' premises!

What will be the possible developments?
By joining our technical experts at the heart of our SOC, you will be able to give meaning to your daily professional life by helping to fight against malicious hackers.

Thanks to a dedicated induction programme including specialisation on our XDR Platform and internal training sessions, you will very quickly discover many secrets about the world of hacking!
During our collaboration, you will have the opportunity to discover a diversity of missions related to defensive cybersecurity and you will be able to evolve on increasingly critical and challenging perimeters.

In this way, you can become a super operational cybersecurity expert and you can in turn share your knowledge with your colleagues!

Who will your colleagues be?
As part of our SOC team, your main colleagues will be IT engineers specialising in cybersecurity.
All this in a friendly and dynamic environment, because throughout our expansion, we have kept our start-up spirit.


You have a 5-year degree in computer science (university, engineering school, etc.) and you are an expert in the field. You know how to administer and/or use Linux and/or Windows and you know TCP/IP.

Knowledge of cybersecurity would be a real asset (Antivirus, Endpoint Security, Intrusion Detection, SIEM, Audits, Forensics, etc.).

In addition, you will benefit from dedicated support in your professional development throughout your adventure with TEHTRIS.

You will work in remote or in a coworking.

You feel that this offer is made for you: so don't waste any time and respond to this huge recruitment campaign by sending us your application so that we can contact you!

Not quite what you are looking for?
After reading the job offer, did you realise that the tasks do not correspond to your expectations? Or do you not yet have the skills we are looking for? This may not be the case tomorrow!
We recommend that you submit your CV to our unsolicited application area so that we can contact you if an opportunity corresponding to you arises within our growing company.

See you soon :-)

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Vancouver, Canada
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