Embedded Software Engineer for Space Missions

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About Infinite Orbits

Infinite Orbits is a team of aerospace engineers and telecommunication entrepreneurs with a vision to provide reliable, turnkey in - orbit services to satellite operators all over the world. With a NewSpace approach to traditional life extension GEO telecommunication satellites, the company has partnered with experts from the Stanford Rendezvous lab and MIT.

Infinite Orbits was founded in 2017, in Singapore, growing out of a NASA challenge at Columbia University. The company brings together experts from the GNC, computer vision, satellite development and telecom service fields with previous or current experience at SSL, IIT, Inmarsat and Kacific.

We will have the first Nanosatellite in Geostationary Orbit and the first European Service for commercial in-Orbit Servicing. What could be more exciting than to be at the forefront of technology application ?

If you are an experienced developer with a knack for solving difficult problems and a passion for exotic system architectures, you should apply for the Embedded Software Engineer position at Infinite Orbits. 

Job description

  • Implement and test state-of-the-art navigation and control algorithms in simulation environments and on target flight processor
  • Integrate, debug, and test software on target hardware and heterogeneous system architectures (ARM, RISC-V as well as FPGAs) as well as different target OS (Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS, baremetal)
  • Help design next-gen autonomous in-orbit servicing missions from the ground up
  • Implement and integrate robotics algorithms into software using MATLAB, Python and/or C++
  • Automate optimized code generation from high-level languages to embedded C/C++
  • Design custom low-latency interfaces and drivers for a multitude of sensors

These responsibilities are just a starting place! We’re a small company, we don’t have rigid roles, and we have a lot to do—we can help you grow wherever your interests take you.


  • Master's or Doctoral Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or related field
  • Strong working knowledge of satellite systems and space system engineering principles
  • Proficiency in C/C++ as well as hands-on experience with Git, MATLAB and/or Python
  • Solid understanding of embedded systems and OS-level development
  • Experience with software development for SoC and real-time operating systems (i.e. FreeRTOS)
  • Two or more years of experience in kernel development, toolchain kernel compilation, BSP development
  • Two or more years of experience in robotics software development in a Linux environment
  • Excellent communication skills in English

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