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About  Kombo

Kombo builds a unified API for HR, payroll and recruiting systems. We're working with companies of all sizes - from Fortune 500 companies down to early stage startups - to help them integrate dozens of software vendors within a few days instead of months.
Instead of having to get their hands on a sandbox environment, build the integration code and figure out the edge cases dozens of times, they can only once use a well documented and clean abstraction provided by Kombo.
We grew from 0 to 50+ customers over the last months and are looking for skilled engineers to help us improve and scale our product

Job description

You want to
Move to Berlin and join our team of six people (4 engineering, 2 business) here in our office in Berlin, Germany. You want to report to and learn from our Head of Engineering and CTO who each have 8+ years of programming experience, to push our progress in all areas of engineering, including:

  • working on our application (node + react, both TypeScript)
  • building connectors to very challenging APIs
  • writing documentation
  • scaling our infrastructure to handle millions of records synced per day
  • improve our observability and reliability
  • contributing to our sprint planning

You want to understand the business and not just work through well-spec’ed Jira tickets. That means joining sales calls (only listening, not pitching), working directly with our customers on Slack or Zendesk, and actively shaping the product and company by bringing in your ideas and challenging all of us.
You are comfortable with chaos - of which there will be a lot - and want to join a small and fast-moving team. We grew from 0 to 50 customers in the last six months, and there’s no sign of things slowing down any time soon.
You want to be challenged to grow personally by direct and sometimes challenging feedback.


You have
At least five years of working experience as an engineer. Preferably having built applications in TypeScript and delivered systems to production already. But more important is your general ability as an engineer, as languages and frameworks can be learned fairly quickly. Again, this is not a remote position, so you should be willing to relocate to Berlin.

Details about the job
Berlin, Germany
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