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À propos de Ascendance Flight Technologies

At Ascendance we are building tomorrow’s hybrid-electric aviation with ATEA, a unique Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft powered by STERNA, our in-house hybrid-electric propulsion system. We focus our efforts in designing an innovative, safe, silent, clean and affordable aircraft that will be able to blend into existing infrastructures and regulations to ease its deployment and maximise social acceptance.

If you are looking for a place where you will have a direct impact on very ambitious products, where you will work close to the hardware and where you can witness the result of your hard work quickly, board ATEA and come fly with us toward the future of aviation!

Le poste

Your role : 🔎

You shall be the cornerstone of Ascendance hybrid development through Sterna’s product line. 

As Hybrid project lead, you will be in charge of identifying, contacting, building relationships and partnerships with key actors in the hybrid propulsion ecosystem in aviation, be it on subsystems supply or expertise.

You will also be in charge of building standardized development roadmap templates for the Sterna team to use for the different use cases of our products.

You will report to the Hybrid director and collaborate closely with him to validate the roadmaps created, the strategic axes developed and the development roadmaps built. You will then coordinate with him to spread methodologies and vision within the team and ensure execution of the roadmaps built. In this regard, you will have no managerial responsibility but instead contribute in tandem with the hybrid director to build, propagate and improve the Sterna team's strategic efficiency, technological awareness and overall development efficiency to meet the company’s goals.

Your main responsibilities will be : 

  • Lead the definition of Sterna technology roadmap for each key technologies of the propulsion system (Battery, electric drive, hybridized engine, etc…)
  • Identify key drivers for technologies from discussions with the development team and potential customers
  • Layout available technologies overtime and refine Ascendance’s modular strategy roadmap regarding hybrid propulsion
  • Map key actors for Ascendance’s STERNA development and initiate contacts for partnership collaborations
  • Lead the standardization of development plan layouts for Sterna products development.
  • Identify key maturity gates for each STERNA product scope (from Embedded intelligence only to STERNA full propulsion system and everything in between)
  • Layout methodologies for the team to execute from one maturity gate to another
  • Issue recommendations for development schemes for the Hybrid director to implement within the team
  • Lead the ecosystem build up for STERNA
  • Be the preferred point of contact for all partnership discussions within the propulsion team
  • Push forward strategic orientations with partners
  • Be pushy to propose new partnership opportunities according to the defined technology and development roadmaps.

Where do we stand? 

You will be entering the team during a crucial part of our development. Full scale testbenches are ongoing while full scale aircraft development is running at full speed with many challenges to tackle regarding our propulsion system and associated developments. You will be working in an interdisciplinary team to find global compromise while being given a high level view of the aircraft and propulsion system’s requirements.

Profil recherché

The job has been made for you if you : 🛠

  • Have 10+ years of experience in applied hybrid electric development projects with hands-on experience and extensive ecosystem knowledge
  • Proven experience with managing complex collaborations with major aerospace actors
  • Beyond excellent knowledge of hybrid electric systems, architectures and concepts
  • Proven track-record of setting up detailed development plans and seen until the end of their execution

We are meant to work together if you : 💚

  • Have the ability to work autonomously
  • Are open-minded in terms of processes and solutions with a drive for innovation
  • Are a team player that leverages your teammates skills and mindset to reach your objectives
  • Are able to work in a multi-project environment with flexibility and deliverable oriented

What we offer  : 

  • An international and dynamic team
  • A remote policy to allow you flexibility
  • Health insurance
  • A dynamic workplace providing equal opportunities for disability, gender equity… Everyone is welcome at Ascendance!

Recruitment process :🕐 

  • Application evaluations (CVs….)
  • Talent Interview
  • Technical Interview
  • Meet others Ascenders 
  • Reference check

Non-discrimination and diversity are our priorities. AFT is open to hire personalities with their own differences

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