Microbiology Laboratory Manager ⚡ Drinking Water

Vittel, France CDI


PEPITE is a hiring company specialized in supporting professionals in the water industry.

👉 Our client in the natural mineral water market is renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality. With 150 years of expertise, 350 factories, and a distribution network spanning over 180 countries.

The company is working towards reducing its environmental footprint through sustainable initiatives.

We are recruiting for the quality department located in the Vosges, within one of the world's most high-performing laboratories.

Job description

👉 Within the laboratory, you will have the opportunity to manage a team of 7 analysis technicians in the field of Microbiology, as well as an R&D engineer.

Your role will be to lead and coordinate the activities of this team, ensuring compliance with all quality standards to guarantee product conformity and protect the group's brand reputation.

👉 Key Responsibilities :

  • Supervise the analysis production team.

  • Provide analysis support to facilitate understanding and assimilation of the results for internal and external teams of the group.

  • Write publications to share laboratory progressments.

  • Lead the methodology of essential analytical technics, including both Pasteurian analysis and molecular biology.

After training period and guidance by the managers of the quality department, you will be responsible for:

  • Propose new ideas/tasks or methods to R&D and Operations to answer future business needs. As a technical expert in water treatment, you will develop a base of working knowledge to specify and standardize technologies for bottled beverages including all auxiliary and hygiene technologies.

  • Survey and partner with suppliers on new promising technical opportunities to increase competitive gaps, consider reductions in capital investment, and operating costs while ensuring and improving product safety, occupational safety, hygienic design, and flexibility throughout our operations.

  • Cooperate and use close internal relationships to support factories/markets/businesses by extending networking and communicating best practices and potential technical improvements.

This list is not exhaustive.


👉 With an engineering diploma in microbiology or similar field, you are currently working in an international organization in the environmental, pharmaceutical, biology, or agri-food sector.

You work within an analysis laboratory, involved in industry methodologies, and have knowledge in genomic sequencing.

Your understanding of regulatory aspects, standards, and developments in sanitary analysis has enabled you to address hygiene, environmental, and quality compliance challenges.

⚡ Your enthusiasm, proactivity, and ability to work autonomously are crucial assets for success in the role.

✈️ Expect 3 to 4 international trips per year, covering destinations such as Chile, Cuba, Thailand, and various Asian countries.

🗨️ You speak fluent English both written and spoken.

What the client offers you:

  • Executive status.

  • Attractive salary depending on profile.

  • Health and social welfare benefits for the entire family.

  • Mobility and housing assistance.

  • Administrative registration assistance for candidates coming from abroad.

  • An opportunity to join an eco-responsible group that can support your career advancement.

  • And a peaceful living environment in the middle of the Vosges mountains to enjoy natural landscapes and green spaces.

⏰ Recruitment steps:

  1. Pre-qualification phone call with the Agency.

  2. Video interview with the Agency.

  3. Interviews with our Client.

  4. Professional reference checks.

  5. You're hired !

Details about the job
Vittel, France
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