PostDoc in reliability of wide bandgap components (WBG) M/F

Toulouse, France CDD (12 mois)

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Le poste

We offer a challenging post-doc in a dynamic and multidisciplinary environment. The post-doc is supported in the frame of the GANRET (Gallium Nitride Reliability for Trasnsport) project, that aims the insertion of GaN based power electronics into severe environmental constrains applications. The project gathers several partners across different fields from space (ADS, Safran Electronics & Defense, TAS) to aeronautic with (Safran Electronics & Defense, Safran Tech and AIRBUS), including automotive with Vitesco Technology.

The industrial needs are complemented by a rich ecosystem of academic laboratories of test and technology investigation expertise and facilities. In particular the project integrates the national best-in-class scientific offer represented by four public laboratories (AMPERE à Lyon, IES à Montpellier, LAAS in Toulouse, SATIE in Paris) and a private academic laboratory (ICAM in Toulouse).

Gallium Nitride (GaN) power devices present higher electron mobility, lower capacitance values and lower on-state resistance than their silicon counterparts, leading to overall performances improvement particularly in higher frequencies and higher efficiency. This technology aims to enable the transition toward power electronics conversion. However, the characterization and fine understanding of the reliability of these components remains one of the last obstacles [1].

The aim of the post-doc, is to strengthen the knowledge and know-how in characterization methods, understanding f the reliability of new GaN HEMT power switches.

The post-doc will be dedicated to establish and define  stable and repeatable test protocols that take into account trapping mechanisms, for measuring the fundamental electrical parameters used as indicators of the GaN power devices health. Indeed, parameters such as for example the threshold voltage and the channel resistance are strongly dependent from the trapping state of the device [2], [3], making the measurements unstable and not suitable for health tracking. Therefore, the objective of the work is to put the device in a reproducible state, allowing  meaningful comparison of its health state before and after aging characterizations. The established methodology will be demonstrated on reliability tests such as “High Temperature Gate Bias” and “High Temperature Reversed Bias”[4]–[6]...


  • A deep understanding of the trapping behaviour and its influence on GaN power device electrical characteristics

  • Establishment of repeatable and reliable test protocols to characterize GaN components coming from different suppliers

  • Implementation of test plans

  • Electrical characterization of WBG components

  • Post-processing of test results and extrapolation of aging laws

  • Participation in the organization of Workshops

  • Participation in the redaction of specifications, technical reports and project deliverables

  • Writing of scientific publications

Profil recherché

  • Thesis in a relevant area of applied physics, or electrical engineering

  • A solid background in semiconductor physics

  • Ability to work with experts from a broad range of scientific and technology backgrounds

Applicants may also advantageously have experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • A first experience in power devices characterization

  • Fluent spoken and written English

  • Semiconductor reliability

Détails sur le poste
Toulouse, France
CDD (12 mois)
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