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Toulouse CDI

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About IRT Saint Exupéry

The IRT Saint Exupéry* accelerates science, technological research and transfer to the aeronautics and space industries for the development of reliable, robust, certifiable and sustainable innovative solutions.

At our sites in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Sophia Antipolis and Montreal, we offer an integrated collaborative environment composed of engineers, researchers, experts and PhD students from academia and industry for research projects and R&T services supported by technological platforms around 4 axes: advanced manufacturing technologies, greener technologies, smart technologies and methods & tools for the development of complex systems.

Our developed technologies meet the needs of industry, integrating the results of academic research.

* We are a private research foundation, supported by the French government, which funds projects in proportion to the industrial contribution and defines the regulatory framework of the foundation.

Job description

IRT Saint Exupéry ( is promoting the transfer of innovative digital technologies (Machine Learning, Signal processing, Human Machine Cooperation) towards industrial partners. More specifically, we are developing means and skills in the artificial intelligence (AI) field applied to several industrial domains. You will join a team of approximately 70 researchers in Artificial Intelligence (AI), with recognized success on Earth Observation applications and other fields where dependable AI is mandatory.  The team is strongly linked with ANITI and benefits from its 200 researchers ecosystem in Toulouse.

Why and how are we different? Many companies and research entities work in the AI domain. We chose to focus on high-value, specific open problems shared by many industries. This led to the Dependable and Explainable Learning program, a 30 M€ program focusing on designing robust and explainable Machine Learning algorithms to be used in critical systems (airplanes, space systems, and also cars and trains). This ambitious collaborative program attracted leading researchers from the prestigious MILA in Quebec, and is coordinated by IRT Saint Exupéry, ANITI, CRIAQ and IVADO.

Such programs are the backbone of our scientific and technological excellence. We are willing to expand the team with AI researchers who will contribute to the next ambitious programs that will increase the competitiveness of our industry.

We already investigated a few leads based on our core skills (genetic programming, mutual information evaluation, analogies using category theory), and frugal learning fits nicely in our roadmap. Come in with your own brilliant ideas, and turn them into world-class, international programs and projects!

Your mission and technical contribution :

  • Development of disruptive technologies in the field of frugal learning environment (80% of activity).
  • Transfer of these technologies to industries (space, aeronautics, automotive, medical, …) 
  • Exploration of new applications of in-house technologies (20%).
  • Updating the technological watch and proposing industrial transfers.
  • Publishing papers at leading conferences.
  • Teaching if you wish!


  • Master’s Degree in Engineering or PhD.
  • 0 to 10 years of experience.

  • Knowledge in machine learning, frugal learning, nature-inspired learning, cognitive theories.
  • He/she should ideally have worked with neuroscience researchers as part of or in addition to his/her training.
  • The candidate must be fluent in English.

  • Open minded with holistic mindset. Rigorous and creative.
  • Swiftness, ability to go to the essential.

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