Massive investment in Robotics

A well-funded company recruits well-brained experts for a well-design robot.

Massive Investment on top experts to create a new robot

Generic interactive robotics solution is an amazing challenge which requires high level of expertise and important investment. Lead by Jérôme Monceaux, a group of world class Mecatronics and AI experts designed a surprising concept to address critical needs of applications with global impact on our near futur : The Miroka Concept. Simplex Robotics, a new well funded company will make this concept a reality.

As member of Simplex, you will thrive in a multicultural team, supported by the greatest international experts, with a complete multidisciplinary approach:

  • Mechatronics, impedance control, robotics arm, haptics
  • Electronics
  • Character design, UI/UX
  • Software architecture (system, embedded, cloud, ...)
  • Machine learning, image processing sensors fusion, ...

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