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À propos de  Liberty Rider

At Liberty Rider we're uniting a whole tribe around a simple, effective app, and bikers all over the world are going to use it. Our mission is simple: to save lives. We're looking for a new recruit to help us achieve it.

We care
At Liberty, we all care about the well-being of other team members. We are attentive to this on a daily basis, just like in a family. Sharing the desire to progress as individuals, we encourage spontaneous and benevolent feedback.

We are ambitious
For nearly 8 years now, we have been ensuring the safety of hundreds of thousands of rides every month. Liberty's impact so far is 1 billion km protected and 1000 lives saved in 10 European countries. Our aim is to provide even better service to our customers, and we intend to expand throughout Europe.

Work that always makes sense
Each and every one of us is kept in the loop of the company's strategy for fulfilling its mission, and we discuss it at least every quarter. We expect every member of the Liberty family to understand what's at stake in his or her job, so as to be motivated and autonomous. The way to achieve an objective is chosen by the team responsible for it.

Le poste

The B2B Communications Manager's role is to oversee and deliver all communications aimed at promoting the company's products to a professional and expert audience. You will be an integral part of the marketing team, and will work in collaboration with all the company's departments.

Your objective is to promote Liberty Rider's different areas of expertise, both in France and internationally.

You'll play a crucial role in Liberty Rider's communications strategy, working independently on the company's roadmap.

Profil recherché

Hard skill :

  • Project management

  • Data-driven / Data analysis and reporting

  • Audience centric

  • Content creation

  • Event management

  • Fluency in English and French

Soft skill : 

  • Ownership
    You know how to take responsibility for a subject, make it your own, see it through to the end and learn from your actions.

  • Rigor

    You're someone who can be counted on.

  • Organization

    Your ability to manage several subjects at the same time while keeping on track.

  • Creativity

    You regularly come up with ideas, whether classic or innovative, and you know how to use your resourcefulness.

  • Oral and written communication

    You're a great communicator and outgoing.

Your missions and responsibilities

  • Establish LR as the motorcycle eCall and SDK reference in Europe

  • Handle omni-channel B2B communications.

  • Support the sales team in the production of assets and communication media.

  • Ensure and deliver quality deliverables

  • Maintain a constant watch on best business practices

  • Effectively communicate your results to your manager and the team.

In Detail

Manage B2B communications

  • Creation and implementation of an annual communications strategy to reinforce LR's positioning in the tech and institutional worlds (trade shows, awards, certifications, speaking engagements, tour de table, etc.).

  • Creation of communication media and professional articles to promote LR's brand image in its target market.

  • Inbound marketing strategy: further position Liberty Rider as a reference in the B2B world, to give it visibility and help generate leads.

Position LR's in-house marketing as a support to sales activity

  • Manage and/or create and update B2B sales materials.

  • Manage and/or ensure the creation and updating of materials highlighting LR's statistics and expertise.

  • Implement a lead/prospect nurturing strategy.

Support the KAM role in managing relationships with existing customers

  • Creation of suitable communication media for customers

  • Develop animation kits for the the KAM role

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Toulouse, France
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