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Toulouse, France CDI

À propos de Ascendance Flight Technologies

At Ascendance we are building tomorrow’s hybrid-electric aviation with ATEA, a unique Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft powered by STERNA, our in-house hybrid-electric propulsion system. We focus our efforts in designing an innovative, safe, silent, clean and affordable aircraft that will be able to blend into existing infrastructures and regulations to ease its deployment and maximise social acceptance.

If you are looking for a place where you will have a direct impact on very ambitious products, where you will work close to the hardware and where you can witness the result of your hard work quickly, board ATEA and come fly with us toward the future of aviation!

Le poste

Your role : 🔎

Ascendance is seeking a highly skilled and motivated Battery Lead Engineer to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for leading all battery-related activities within our hybrid electric aircraft project. Your primary focus will be on the integration of the battery system within our hybrid propulsion system, STERNA, with potential involvement in the design and development of our ATEA aircraft as the project progresses.

You will be in charge of leading Ascendance’s battery related activities. These activities will center around the integration of the battery system within STERNA , our hybrid propulsion system. You will set up our industrial roadmap regarding battery delivery, clarify our requirements, set up partnerships with our industrial partners and drive the design and delivery of our battery systems. Your focus will be initially on Sterna related activities, but you may be involved heavily on ATEA’s design in the near future as our serial version develops. 

Your missions will be :

  • Lead Battery-Related Activities: Oversee all activities related to the design, development, and integration of battery systems within the hybrid electric aircraft project.

  • Battery System Integration: Focus on integrating the battery system within the STERNA hybrid propulsion system, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

  • Industrial Roadmap Development: Develop and implement an industrial roadmap for battery delivery, aligning with project timelines and milestones.

  • Requirements Clarification: Define and clarify technical requirements for battery systems, ensuring they meet project specifications and regulatory standards.

  • Partnership Management: Establish and manage partnerships with industrial partners, suppliers, and stakeholders to ensure seamless collaboration and delivery of battery systems.

  • Design and Delivery Oversight: Drive the design, testing, validation, and delivery of battery systems, ensuring they meet performance, safety, and reliability standards.

  • Focus on STERNA System: Concentrate initially on activities related to the STERNA hybrid propulsion system, ensuring successful integration and operation.

  • Involvement in ATEA Design: Potentially participate in the design and development of the ATEA aircraft as the project evolves, contributing your expertise to its success.

Where do we stand? 

Founded on Ascendance' strong values, the whole team is involved in creating both innovative products to decarbonize aviation and an accurate company structure to support its fast development.

Full scale testbenches are ongoing while full scale aircraft development is running at full speed.

Sky's our limit, we are looking forward to the flight test campaign !

Profil recherché

The job has been made for you if you have : 🛠

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or a related field.

  • Proven experience in battery system design, development, and integration, preferably within the aerospace or automotive industry.

  • Strong understanding of hybrid propulsion systems and battery technologies.

  • Experience with industrial roadmap development and requirement specification.

  • Excellent project management skills with the ability to lead cross-functional teams.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with internal teams and external partners.

  • Familiarity with regulatory standards and certification processes for battery systems in the aerospace industry is a plus.

We are meant to work together if you : 💚

  • You are willing to contribute to the development of the company 

  • You want to impact the future of aviation and lead the transition

  • You want to face complex but thrilling challenges

  • You like to work in a dynamic environment 

  • You are a real team player who wants to build a big success story with us

  • You are curious and eager to learn

What we offer : 

  • Career booster: versatility, training opportunities, internal mobility

  • Alan health insurance

  • Restaurant tickets

  • Holiday pay bonus

  • Teleworking policy

  • Public transport allowance

  • A flexible working environment

  • Company events

Recruitment process :🕐 

  • Application evaluations (CVs….)

  • Talent Interview

  • Technical Interview

  • Meet others Ascenders 

  • Reference check

Non-discrimination and diversity are our priorities. AFT is open to hire personalities with their own differences.

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Toulouse, France
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