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À propos de T-INSIL

T-INSIL will be a consulting company and delivering software that is intended to accelerate industrial and research driven activities in biotech, pharmaceutics and medicine. The software allows to create a digital twins of a real multi-celular in-vitro cell culturing experiments, permitting clients to analyse, predict, and optimize the experimental outcomes. Simulations will partially replace real experiments, alleviating trial-and-error experimenting, and hence reduce cost for companies. The modeling technology relies on 20 years of academic experience in mathematical modeling, writing software and collaborations with biologists and medical doctors.

Long term, T-INSIL aims to create a general software that will be used by companies and other institutions or hospitals, so that they can create a digital twin for experiments with cell cultures, which will permit to guide their decisions and reduce their cost of resources.For the future, we hope that our technology can also contribute to the reduction of animal testing.

Co-founders :

Paul Van Liedekerke:

Dirk Drasdo:

Le poste

The person will :

  • Take the lead in business development
  • Contact companies and establish new partnerships
  • Help in writing proposals for subventions
  • Participate in strategic decisions on model and software development

Participation as co-founder is possible.

Profil recherché

We are looking for a person with experience in biotech companies, ideally somebody who has created a startup.

He/She needs to understand and support the concept of In-Silico technologies. Ideally the candidate has had some experience with in-silico technology development in the past.

We are developing a deeptech technology. The candidate should be open minded and able to break traditional technologies.

Being bi-lingual (FR/ENG).

Pour candidater, contactez Paul Van Liedekerke <> ; n'appuyez pas sur le bouton Postuler ;-)

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