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À propos de Exosome Analytics

Exosome Analytics has very high technical expertise in exosome research and liquid biopsy tests. The company has developed brand new solutions for exosome isolation and analysis as well as early cancer screening and tumor profiling (among other diseases) through exosomes, and now needs to commercialize the first products, organize pre-clinical and clinical study,  define long-term growth strategy.

Several patents are being finalized, and a couple of prospective clients are already interested in the scalable products.

Exosome Analytics is supported by Genopole incubator.

The market :

The expected market growth of exosome-related technologies and liquid biopsy over the next 5-10y is huge ( The size is expected to reach 660 M€ for exosome research market and 7B€ for liquid biopsy market). Currently, very few competitors are present on the market. The market essentially depends on the development of new technologies and to date there are very few products allowing the detection of histological markers on pathological exosomes.

The Team:

The Company was founded by head scientist (Master in physics, PhD in molecular biology with 20+ years  experience in biotech R&D : Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, Max Planck Institute, Argonne National Laboratory and others).

Financial activity of the company is assured by an expert in fundraising.

The Scientific Council is made up of experts in the search for exosomes.

Le poste

Interested in being part of a nascent French start-up in biotechnology?

Come join us for this fantastic opportunity to directly help the founder (head scientist with 20y+ experience in biotech R&D) with the business part of the company, at a very strategic moment.


·      Responsibility for operational activity of the company;

·      Business development (client acquisition, regulatory filings);

·      Launch of new products

Availability: ASAP

Offer: after a few months of trial period, become the start-up COO (first employee) with attractive equity package.

Profil recherché

- You are a qualified and enthusiastic person, you must be ready to invest your time and knowledge in the operational development of the startup

-      You have outstanding communication & commercial skills both in French & English

-      You have a credible experience within a biotech start-up (operations/business development) or within a commercial department of a healthcare company

-      You are very familiar with the healthcare business ecosystem (overall value chain, from R&D and labs to final patient & investors)

-      You have a solid knowledge of the certification process and of the French and European biomedical market

- A double competence (commercial / scientific) would be appreciated, but not mandatory.

Évry, Évry-Courcouronnes
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