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À propos de  Ascendance Flight Technologies

At Ascendance we are building tomorrow’s hybrid-electric aviation with ATEA, a unique Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft powered by STERNA, our in-house hybrid-electric propulsion system. We focus our efforts in designing an innovative, safe, silent, clean and affordable aircraft that will be able to blend into existing infrastructures and regulations to ease its deployment and maximise social acceptance.

If you are looking for a place where you will have a direct impact on very ambitious products, where you will work close to the hardware and where you can witness the result of your hard work quickly, board ATEA and come fly with us toward the future of aviation!

Le poste

Your role : 🔎

You will be responsible for managing all  the digitalization strategy and actions at Ascendance (i.e ERP integration, Cyber Security, Aircraft data use and services, etc.). As Digital & IT manager, you will be in charge of all the transformation and of the IT tools, software and digital process of the company. From defining the needs, structuring the processes to the implementation and the delivery, you will lead your own projects being in the interface with all the functions of the company. As per your responsibility, you will report directly to the CEO/CFO. Your interfaces will be both internal and external to drive following activities:

  • Define the digital and IT strategy and needs for the company including products & services

  • Ensure the proper level of Cyber Security including the security of the IT equipments, access and data backups

  • Manage the PLM tools and software policy for the company

  • Define the ERP need and deploy the chosen solution

  • Set the full digital and IT strategy for the company

  • Manage the IT budget

  • Lead the aircraft data and digital services

  • Setup data protection system and policy

  • Supervise the network and server activities, administrate the G-suite

  • Define upgrade and update the company IT charter and ensure its application

  • Put in place AFT data model, storage, analysis and traceability 

Profil recherché

The job has been made for you if  : 🛠

  • You have 10 years or more of experience in IT

  • You acquired a proven experience in identifying and deploying Cyber Security protections

  • You have a past experience in PLM

  • You developed good knowledge of company processes and procedures to be digitalized

  • You demonstrated the ability to manage transversal projects interfacing with all the functions in a company

  • You experienced the deployment of an ERP

  • You are reliable, accountable, and autonomous in setting your priorities 

  • You have excellent communication skills (verbal & written) in French and English to effectively convey ideas and information to various stakeholders and teams

  • You are organized, solution-oriented, easy to talk to and have the ability to coordinate projects

  • You know how to have a global vision to ensure a step by step follow-up and anticipate expectations

We are meant to work together if you : 💚

  • You want to impact the future of aviation and lead the transition

  • You like to work in a dynamic environment 

  • You are a real team player who wants to build a big success story with us

  • You are curious and eager to learn

Recruitment process :🕐 

  • Application evaluations (CVs….)

  • Talent Interview

  • Technical Interview

  • Meet others Ascenders 

  • Reference check

Non-discrimination and diversity are our priorities. AFT is open to hire personalities with their own differences

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Toulouse, France
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