Electronic Maintenance Engineer

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  • Design, control, and implement electronic systems and products

  • Establishing relation with staff, vendors, suppliers

  • Represent company at conference and delivering presentations

  • Modernize, Scrutinize & testing Electronic systems & software.

  • Designing mobile application and many more equipment.

  • Enhance the technical performance through recognize & recommend system improvements

  • Analyze customer needs & regulate the capacity.

  • Understand & Identify the problems about the processes, system & staffs

  • Prepare & represent electronic design to the design team at conference and delivering the presentation.

  • Handling required duties & Writing reports and instruction.

  • Examine needs on new equipment, calculate costs and help prepare budgets

  • Monitor maintenance and inspection plans.

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Salary 18000 to 57000 per month

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Télétravail, Inde
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