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 Why join us?
Join ELLONA to improve the environment and the well-being of citizens: our solutions are at the heart of the improvement of the working environment. We base ourselves on the human being in order to digitize the senses and to reveal the ambient conditions of an environment. By making the invisible visible and thanks to the flexibility of our products, we provide our customers with exploitable data that will allow them to identify nuisances (noise, odors, gas, light,...) and to implement remedial actions, resulting in improved working conditions, processes, and increased profitability.
By joining us, you will become part of a team with expertise in a wide range of fields, including electronics, chemistry and biology. Our employees are committed and evolve in a professional, warm and dynamic atmosphere.

Le poste

Within the Research and Development team, your missions will be the following:

  • Define and implement the hardware and software architecture (embedded software) for the products developed by the company; in this context you will collaborate with the teams responsible for marketing, platform infrastructure, production and customer service.
  •  Develop electronic functions and sub-assemblies (HW & embedded software)
  • Design electronic boards (HW) for current & future products,
  • Make changes related to the addition of new features or continuous improvement,
  • Design, simulate, test and ensure production release for product developments,
  • Implement software architectures (embedded software) and make them evolve,
  • Follow the software qualification (software and system validation),
  • Write the corresponding test reports,
  • Ensure that products perform consistently in specific operating environments,
  • Manage and coordinate external services, co-developments or providers,
  • Ensure the qualification and certification of products developed in accordance with applicable standards to ensure quality and compliance,
  • Set up development and testing processes and tools to automate our object manufacturing and testing process,
  • Ensure the support to the teams in contact with the customers as well as the corrective and evolutionary maintenance on the developed products,

In this context, you will supervise and lead the team members under your responsibility by participating in the definition of priorities for each one and by giving them the necessary recommendations and best practices as well as specifying the deliverables expected for each project.

Profil recherché

For this position, we are looking for someone with between 5 and 10 years of experience in the industry. Experience in product development, from idea to production, is also required.
On the technical side, we are looking for someone with a background in hardware and embedded software. Knowledge in platform/data processing is a plus.

Détails sur le poste
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