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  • Works with the sales team to understand project specifications and needs of the customer and may participate in job site walk- throughs.

  • Designs systems for standard facilities which, depending on the system type, may include mechanical system layouts, electrical drawings, valve and damper schedules layout, and control panel layouts.

  • Interprets/designs sequences of operations to identify hardware and logic requirements for systems.

  • Assists with Analyzing plans, construction contract specifications and codes to determine project requirements and risks.

  • Selects proper types and sizes of products.

  • Follows up with sales and management to ensure job scope, specifications and schematics meet customer needs.

  • Participates in sales to operations turnover meetings to evaluate accuracy of estimates and job layouts.

  • Assists in peer review for engineering documents.

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Salary 19500 to 56000 per month

Contact HiringManager Whatsapp9079400362

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Télétravail, Inde
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