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À propos de AirSaas

1-liner: Integrated IT project portfolio management

What problem we are solving: In a VUCA world, companies have to adapt more than ever. Competition is harder and globalized. In the past 10 years, startups have kicked out players that were there forever.

Companies have to adapt by putting technology at the service of their strategy, clients and collaborators.
CIOs and their teams lead that transformation but they are overwhelmed by large number of projects, they struggle to prioritize them and align all departments in that process.

Indeed, PowerPoint and Excel are still widely used on top of project management tools to organize, prioritize and report. It's inefficient, generates frustrations and at the end of the day keeps Technology out of the company.

What our product does: AirSaas is the layer on top of project management tools that gather all data to provide a simple view to prioritize projects by value and report to stakeholders in a clic.

For CIOs, it's the easiest project portfolio management solution to lead the digital transformation of their company.
For project team members it's a game changer to save time in reporting and promote their work.

Why we do that: We want to help CIOs to be at the center of the transformation needed by their companies. We want CIOs to get rid of this old "IT help center" posture that follows them since the 90's.

Let's make CIOs sexy again!
Let's finally enter Technology inside the company to serve their strategy, clients and collaborators!

Who we are: we are a small (but ambitious) team of 3:

  • Bertran, CEO: visionary with a hacker mindset, you will never meet a better salesman! If you love rock climbing and/or Spanish food, you won't get rid of him that easily! Favorite weapon: Hubspot.
  • Matt, CTO: loves tech and user experience at the same time! His production platforms haven't seen a bug since 1998 and he always releases on time. He is also a wooden toy maker in his spare time. Favorite weapon: GitLab.
  • Simon, CPO: passionate by building stuff that make sense. He hates superficial screens and complicated apps. He disappears on weekends to go surfing. Favorite weapon: Airtable.

As a team we believe that:

  • Extreme ownership is key. We are always here for each other but are individually responsible to make things happen. We are not afraid to fail, and when failure comes, we confront it.
  • No one is perfect, but a team can be. We are empowered by helping each other to improve and overcome all challenges. We assume positive intent and give fearless feedbacks.
  • Done is better than perfect. We have an ambitious vision and are here for the long run but our speed of execution is key. We are action focused and fast paced, starting with intuition, scaling with data.
  • Nothing comes easily. We will try, fail, work hard, understand the rules to break them (in that order) and celebrate the little successes along the way.

How We Work: Respectfully, openly, with extreme transparency, and in a humane way. This is a marathon and not a sprint. That said, we want to push the limits of your professional capacity. We are remote first because we believe that this challenge is global and we will need talented people from all around the world to tackle it! But still, we have a nice office located in the Toulouse startup ecosystem, if you want to come by :)

Who inspires us: the new wave of SaaS tools like Slite, Airtable, Qonto, Payfit, Gitlab, Spendesk and entrepreneurs like Jean-Charles Samuelian, Andrew Gazdecki, Thibaut Elzière, Elon Musk, ... 

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Our stack

  • Frontend: React, Razzle
  • Backend: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Node, Nginx
  • Dev: Git, Gitlab, CI, CD, Review Apps
  • SaaS: Algolia, Forest, Segment, Airtable, Cloudinary, Auth0, Cycle, etc. (we love SaaS! A lot!)
  • Monitoring: Amplitude, June

Job description

We already have clients, we are about to raise some funds and we need to accelerate on the product side!

As the first Fullstack Lead Developer to join AirSaas's team, you will have the unique opportunity to work on the project from the very beginning and to be part of the scaling journey.

You will work closely with the CTO for all technical subjects and with the rest of the team to shape the best user experience and define the best product strategy to serve our go-to-market. You will be the owner of the features you will manage.

You will work on building the next generation of AirSaas features and integrations with third parties (SSO, Project Management tools, Microsoft Teams, etc.). We also process and structure a lot of data, so we have numerous exciting tech challenges (Power BI, etc).

Our iteration process goes:

  • Prioritization feature on Cycle (every Monday), based on customer feedbacks and product vision
  • Design the UX on Whimsical, iterate, iterate, then design the UI on Adobe Xd, iterate, iterate and show it to the team for feedbacks (every Friday)
  • Develop and use review apps for testing
  • Release!

We work in very short cycles, with a monthly roadmap and weekly sprints.

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We're looking for someone:

  • who is passionate for simple, scalable and performant architecture. How about a fast cross-models multi-criteria search engine?
  • pragmatic who knows how to balance between vision and execution and feels confortable with the "done is better than perfect" approach. You own your time, you decide how much time you need to ship a feature. And when the deadline comes, you deliver the feature, but without compromising on the quality of what is shipped
  • who learns quickly and enjoy solving hard problems. Ever pro grammatically generated a PowerPoint slide deck or implemented an enterprise-grade SSO integration for your clients?
  • who is eager to provide feedback and happy to receive them as learning opportunities
  • who is able to coach and lead other developers once we grow. AirSaas is a tech company, in a few years our tech team will have more than a hundred people. What will be your role then?
  • who is passionate and excited to create a beautiful & impactful world class software that enables companies to be more efficient and truly embrace their digital transformation


  • 5+ years of experience building fast, reliable, web-based applications with most of our tech stack
  • 2+ years of technical team lead
  • You already master the specifics of the job: coaching, coding, architecture, optimization, testing, reviews, peer programming, monitoring, alerting, security, etc...
  • You are fluent in English

You should apply because

  • You will have the ownership over your projects: from inception to release and even after. Pick your feature and rock it!
  • We're putting together an A-team: don't you want to be in a fast-learning environment with an entrepreneurial and strong team spirit?
  • We have a strong product and technical culture. Any podcasts to recommend?
  • You like things to go fast, no time for bullshit!
  • We strive to improve our customers experience. We follow those guidelines to the letter: https://userinyerface.com/ ;)
  • We like to set measurable goals. As a team we use OKRs. For the tech team we have key results like uptime > 99.9%, code coverage > 80%, number of clients open bug tickets < 5, etc. Add your favorite key result here :)
  • You have a real appetite to co-create the big picture of our platform and not just the tech part. We would love to hear your ideas.
  • We care deeply about building a world-class multi-cultural and distributed organization which fosters healthy work habits and values quality of life for our team and their families.

You shouldn't apply if

  • You are looking for a place that will take care of everything for you. At AirSaas, we're looking for people not afraid of taking initiatives.
  • You would like to create your own OAuth wrapper. Because all existing ones are really badly coded (of course).
  • You believe that it's someone else's fault if you didn't get things done. At AirSaas, we believe it's down to us to make things move. Always. If it didn't happen, maybe you didn't use the right words or made the right decisions.
  • You don't like Dad's joke. Our CTO is fund of them.
  • You think a developer should only work on the frontend or the backend.

Hiring process

  • 30min sourcing call with Sophie to make sure you and us believe there is an interest in working together.
  • 30min call with our CTO to dive into tech subjects, to check if our stack & product interest you and to check that your skills fit the job
  • 30min call with the co-founders. You can ask anything about the company, our culture. No question is off limits.
  • 1h test with our CTO. We use the test as a base for our discussion, to figure out how it feels to work together. We'll explore your coding and architecture skills, and your problem solving abilities
  • 1h zoom-coffee with random members of the team to get a feel of the work atmosphere

The hiring process is always a prime time. Just a short time to know if we are going to enjoy working together in the coming years. It must be a mutual match, we must choose each other :) 

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