Network Slicing R&D Engineer M/F - 21DD-TI-SLICING-01

Toulouse CDD (6 Months)

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About IRT Saint Exupéry

IRT Saint Exupéry ( is an accelerator of science, technological research and transfer to the aerospace industry for the development of innovative solutions that are safe, robust, certifiable and sustainable.

At our sites in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Sophia Antipolis and Montreal, we offer an integrated collaborative environment made up of engineers, researchers, experts and doctoral students from industry and academia for research projects and R&T services supported by technology platforms in four areas: advanced manufacturing technologies, greener technologies, methods and tools for the development of complex systems, and intelligent technologies.

We develop technologies to meet the needs of industry by integrating the results of academic research.

Job description

More specifically, we at IRT are developing means and skills to support the interests of the space industry. In particular, we support the integration of satellite transport network in 5G (NTN, Non Terrestrial Network).


In this context, you will participate to the design and development of a procedure for the establishment of dynamic 5G slices with satellite segment. You will also take part in the orchestration of such slices and network elements managing the different segments .

IRT has conducted a PhD thesis on Slicing for 5G NTN Networks that introduced and developed some initial elements:

·      The S3 concept (Satellite Slice as a Service) [An Extensible Network Slicing Framework for Satellite Integration into 5G, Youssouf Drif, Emmanuel Chaput, Emmanuel Lavinal, Pascal Berthou, Boris Tiomela Jou, Olivier Gremillet, Fabrice Arnal in International Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking, Wiley, 2021, 39 (4), pp.339-357]

·      An implementation testbed (results under publication)

Your mission:

·      Realize the expected technical achievements,

·      Become a specialist in 5G NTN Slicing with the development of new concepts, in particular, the dynamic slicing with a satellite transport link,

·      Promote IRT as a reference actor for the definition of new networking concepts of future space systems.


·     Engineering degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications.


·    Working knowledge in 3GPP 5G documentation

·      Theoretical and practical knowledge in network protocols and architecture, of SDN/NFV technologies and of Network Slicing

·      Background in mobile communication or satellite communications

·      Knowledge in container based architecture

·      Software design, Software development methodology

·      Knowledge in Internet QoS architecture.


·      Autonomy and Out-of-the-box thinking

·      Rigorous and tenacity

·      Team spirit

·      Pragmatic

·      Ready to tackle challenges

CDD (6 Months)
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