Post doctorate – Scale effect on mechanical properties of titanium alloy processed by LMD (LaserMetalDeposition) (M/F)

Bordeaux, FranceCDD  (12 mois)

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Le poste

In the framework of a project dedicated to metal additive manufacturing, IRT Saint Exupéry is hiring for a post doc position in the field of mechanics of materials.
The research project in which the position is integrated consists in supporting the rise to maturity of parts in titanium alloy processed with LMD-p (Laser Metal Deposition with powder). The aim is to improve the knowledge of the industrial partners about this process, the associated NDT( Non Destructive Techniques),the heat treatments and the resulting mechanical properties in order to qualify the process for building parts integrated in aeronautic systems.

One of the main advantage of this process is to decrease significantly the amount of raw material used for building a part. Thanks to LMD-p, parts are directly builds as close as possible to the finished dimensions.
Moreover, the process will allow to integrate thin walls in parts.
Thus, the interest is to understand how mechanical properties in static and in fatigue evolve compared to the well-known properties of forged material.
For production quality insurance, standardized specimens require important volume of material for sampling that is clearly incompatible with parts processed as close as possible to the final dimensions. Moreover, standardized specimens are often thicker than thin walls of parts in flight. Comparison of a given mechanical property obtained with a standardized specimens may be function of the microstructure obtain after machining[RM1] .
The aim of this post doc position is to assess the opportunity to decrease the geometry and the size of mechanical testing specimens by keeping at the same time the measured property representative of the material microstructure.
A first step will consist in sizing the specimens, designing the test monitoring and performing the tensile, fatigue and crack propagation tests. This step will be supported by a bibliographic synthesis and by results already obtained in the framework of the project activities.
A second step will consist in a critical analysis supported by probabilistic approaches concerning fatigue tests and simulation concerning fatigue and crack propagation tests.
Please note that the position is led by a project of IRT Saint Exupéry (Toulouse, France) in which industrial and academic partners (I2M Bordeaux, France) collaborate. The work location will be I2M Bordeaux. Regular travel to Toulouse is to be expected.

Profil recherché

A PhD in mechanics of materials is required for this position.

Knowledges :

  • Mechanics of materials
  • Alloys used in areonautic industry
  • Definition and realisation of experiemential plan
  • Sizing and perfoming monitored tests
  • Syntheses of scientific reports
  • Skills in multiscale and quantitative microstructural characterization will be appreciate 


  • Autonomy / Creativity
  • Rigour / reliability
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to analyse and summarise
Détails sur le poste
Bordeaux, France
CDD (12 mois)
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