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Asygn is an ASIC design house of 30 people which provides system solutions for industrial consumer and automotive applications in RF and inertial sensors fields. Products such as analog front-end chips, boards and software are developed for data acquisition purpose.

Our flagship product AS321X is a Battery-less Sensing Chip included in demonstration tags which enable wireless and low consumption data acquisition by UHF RFID.

Job description

ASYGN is seeking a wide-scope, talented RF/RFID Application Engineer to support our customers and to develop customer oriented solutions.

Many different applications will be addressed targetting batteryless UHF RFID sensors, in several area going from Industry to Medical through Agriculture and Fooding.

The scope of work will cover the full chain going from pre-sales to final delivery and support:

• Bring technical support to Asygn sales team

• Support customers from a technical point of view from kick-off to delivery

• Antenna design EM simulations and management of sub contractors

• Reader application code design and support (PYTHON, C...)

• PCB design/layout/production

• Electrical and system-level test and validation


The successful candidate will be an enthusiastic achiever, objective-driven, and able to work efficiently

with both sales and technical teams.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Ph.D. or M.S in Embedded Systems or Electronic engineering degree

Proven experience in analog and RF/RFID system development

Required skills:

•Excellent background in RFID systems development

• Knowledge and experience with experimental aspects in the lab

• Experience with EM simulator for antenna design

• Experience with Python / C and EM simulator

• Smooth and timely sub-contractor interaction for layout, PCB manufacturing and assembly

• Eager for customer interaction, field returns and continuous improvement

• Proficient in written and spoken English and French

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