Senior Optimization Solutions Consultant

Paris, France Permanent

About Artelys

Joining Artelys means, above all, becoming part of a stimulating environment, made up of passionate experts and giving yourself the opportunity to take part in projects addressing various complex issues, notably addressing the major challenges of our time.

  • Toyota Motor Europe (TME) enlisted Artelys to enhance the process of planning activities for the following day. Artelys developed an operational calculation module deployed as a micro-service for planning management directly integrated into the application developed in-house by TME. The module plans activities for the next day while optimizing multiple metrics using Artelys Kalis, a constraint programming solver with a dedicated interface for scheduling problems. The speed of computation allows for real-time adjustments to the schedule within a day in case of unforeseen events. The solution implemented by Artelys can schedule thousands of tasks in less than a minute. This solution is utilized seven days a week and is currently being deployed across all TME workshops. (+infos)

  • Major project led by RTE (the French TSO), the TERRE project  (Trans-European Replacement Reserves Exchange) aims at developing an IT platform for the market clearing of services exchanged between the European producers and transmission systems operators. Artelys, together with its partners, is responsible for providing the platform’s market clearing engine. The algorithm goes through the resolution of complex and large mathematical optimization problems, which take into account the offers of the various suppliers, balancing requests and fairness goals between the actors. Receiving and matching bids and demands every hour of the day, the robustness and performance of the optimization engine are very strongly constrained: results are to be provided within 3 minutes for a problem containing up to 500,000 offers – including complex offers. (+info ).

Job description

As part of a dynamic team with a strong technical component, you will apply your optimization skills within several of our activities.

In particular, your tasks could include to:

  • Specify processes and approaches based on optimization to address business and industry challenges

  • Develop mathematical models

  • Define and implement resolution methods (heuristics and / or based on solvers).

  • Integrate calculation algorithms into IT solutions

  • Develop processing associated to computational functionalities

  • Industrialize and maintain operational solutions for decision support


Holder of an engineering degree with a specialization in optimization or operations research and with 3 years of experience (professional or doctoral thesis), you are the ideal candidate if :

  • You have a particular taste for and aptitude in the computer implementation of algorithms and master languages among Java, C ++ and Python

  • You are comfortable with the concepts and technologies used to model a mathematical optimization problem

  • You have a good knowledge of optimization algorithms

  • You are comfortable using and configuring optimization solvers

  • You have a taste for and particular skills in the computer implementation of algorithms

  • Knowledge in the fields of energy, in particular electrical systems, transport, and logistics is highly valued

  • You are motivated by project management and the responsibility of leading a team, managing a budget and meeting deadlines

  • You are rigorous, driven by a strong team spirit and  customer-focused.

  • You have at least a B2 level in French

Working conditions:

  • Permanent contract, managerial status with a 4-month probationary period.

  • Up to 2 days of remote work per week possible.

  • Flexible working hours.

  • Offices located in the city center of each city where we are located

Recruitment process:

Step 1: An initial technical interview via video conference with two recruiters (45 minutes x 2).

Step 2: A second interview via video conference with two other recruiters, as well as a brief 15-minute discussion with the CEO of Artelys (45 minutes x 2 + 15 minutes).

Step 3: If your interviews are successful, we will invite you to visit our premises to make you an offer in person and introduce you to the work environment.

Details about the job
Paris, France
> 3 years
Up to 2 days of remote work per week possible.
Lyon, Paris
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