Structural Civil Analysis Engineer

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  • Plans and organizes structural analysis work at the program level to assure total compliance with structural integrity and stability requirements.

  • Develops, integrates and documents complex or unique structural requirements to establish the system design.

  • Coordinates with other engineering groups to establish the product's environment.

  • Guides product design and verifies structural integrity by defining requirements for development of analytical methods, finite element models/simulations and other analysis tools to develop the structural environment, characteristics and performance of the product.

  • Works with customers and regulatory agencies to define certification processes that will ensure requirements are met.

  • Reviews and approves certification results.

  • Develops test plans and configurations, supports test execution and analyzes/reports test results to validate and verify systems and components meet requirements and specifications.

  • Defines and organizes test programs to substantiate for customers and regulatory agencies that requirements are satisfied.

  • Develops analytical processes/tools to improve effectiveness, quality and efficiency of the development effort.

  • Investigates emerging technologies to develop future product designs to meet projected requirements.

  • Works under consultative direction.

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Salary 21000 to 67000 per month

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Télétravail, Inde
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