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• Provide remote technical support for cloud-based environments from India during UK office hours.

• Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to Itential (Workflow), MPLS policies, networking (core and edge), IPv4 and IPv6, large-scale service provider deployments, network cloud (OpenStack), Linux (Ubuntu and Centos), Ansible, JSON, YAML, Protobuf, REST API, and Postman.

• Monitor and maintain the health and performance of cloud infrastructure, including Kubernetes, Containerd, Calico, OpenConfig, Cisco Unified Models, and YANG.

• Handle tasks related to gNxI (gNMI and gNOI), gNMIc telemetry collection, CICD-Gitlab, Gitlab runners, Gitlab Pipeline Development, and artifactory.

• Create and produce documentation, including MoPS, presentations, troubleshooting guides, network and service inventory models/management, and life cycle management of devices and services.

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Salary 23000 to 59500 per month

Contact HiringManager Whatsapp9257281188

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Télétravail, Inde
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