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  • Coordination with the operation and other departments for the production process.

  • Preparing work schedules for contract workers.

  • Maintaining quality service.

  • Ensuring production plans are completed on time.

  • Teamwork and handling of manpower.

  • Identifying and troubleshooting production issues.

  • Ensuring and maintaining a safe work environment.

  • Prepare and submit reports on performance and progress.

  • Participate in plant safety, health, and environment programs.

  • Delegate the work to the next level.

  • Make constructive suggestions for improvement of the process.

  • Documentation of the daily activity

  • Maintain the workplace clean

  • Quality of Product

  • Assist the next-level authority in routine operational activities.

  • Follow EH&S rules

  • Communication

  • safe working procedure

  • Implement the SOP’s.

  • Achieve the production targets.

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Salary 22000 to 59500 per month

Contact HiringManager Whatsapp9079400362

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Télétravail, Inde
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